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azur in Smith's Bible Dictionary

properly Az'zur (he that assists) 1. A Benjamite of Gibeon, and father of Hananiah the false prophet. #Jer 28:1| 2. Father of Jaazaniah, one of the princes of the people against whom Ezekiel was commanded to prophesy. #Eze 11:1|

azur in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

A'ZUR (helper). (1). The father of Hananiah, the false prophet of Gibeon. Jer 28:1. (2). The father of one of the princes against whom Ezekiel prophesied. Eze 11:1.

azur in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

AZUR or AZZUR. 1. Jeremiah 28:1. 2. Ezekiel 11:1. 3. Nehemiah 10:17.