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ahinadab in Easton's Bible Dictionary

brother of liberality = liberal, one of the twelve commissariat officers appointed by Solomon in so many districts of his kingdom to raise supplies by monthly rotation for his household. He was appointed to the district of Mahanaim (1 Kings 4:14), east of Jordan.

ahinadab in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(brother the noble, i.e. a noble brother), Son of Iddo, one of Solomon's twelve commissaries who supplied provisions for the royal household. #1Ki 4:14| (B.C. 1014-975.)

ahinadab in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

AHIN'ADAB (brother of the noble, i. e. noble brother), one of Solomon's commissariat officers. 1 Kgs 4:14. See Abiathar.

ahinadab in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1 Kings 4:14.