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Laban Lachish Ladder
Laish Lama Lamb
Lamech Lamentation Lamentations, Book of
Lamp Landmark Laodicea
Laodicea, Epistle from Lapidoth Lapping
Lapwing Lasaea Lasha
Latchet Latin Lattice
Laver Law Law of Moses
Lawyer Lazarus Leaf
League Leah Leannoth
Leasing Leather Leaven
Lebanon Lebbaeus Lebonah
Leek Lees Left hand
Left-handed Legion Lehi
Lemuel Lentiles Leopard
Leprosy Letter Leummim
Levi Leviathan Levirate Law
Levite Leviticus Levy
Lewdness Libertine Libnah
Libni Libya Lice
Lie Lieutenant Life
Light Lightning Lign-aloes
Ligure Lily Lime
Linen Linen-yarn Lines
Lintel Lions Lip
Litter Liver Living creatures
Lizard Lo-ammi Lo-debar
Lo-ruhamah Loan Lock
Locust Lodge Log
Lois Loop Lord
Lord's day Lord's Prayer Lord's Supper
Lot Lotan Love
Lubims Lucas Lucifer
Lucius Lucre Lud
Ludim Luhith Luke
Luke, Gospel according to Lunatic Lust
Luz Lycaonia Lycia
Lydda Lydia Lysanias
Lysias, Claudius Lystra
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