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Fable Face Fair Havens
Fairs Faith Faithful
Fall of man Fallow-deer Fallow-ground
Familiar spirit Famine Fan
Farm Farthing Fast
Fat Father Fathom
Fatling Fear of the Lord the Feast
Felix Fellowship Fence
Fenced cities Ferret Ferry boat
Festivals, Religious Festus, Porcius Fever
Field Fig Fillets
Finer Fining pot Fir
Fire Firebrand Firepan
firkin Firmament First-born
First-born, Redemption of First-born, Sanctification of the First-fruits
Fish Fish-hooks Fish-pools
Fisher Fishing, the art of Fitches
Flag Flagon Flame of fire
Flax Flea Fleece
Flesh Flesh-hook Flint
Flood Flour Flowers
Flute Fly Foam
Fodder Fold Food
Footstool Forces Ford
Forehead Foreigner Foreknowledge of God
Forerunner Forest Forgiveness of sin
Fornication Fortunatus Fountain
Fountain of the Virgin Fowler Fox
Frankincense Free-will offering Freedom
Frog Frontlets Frost
Fruit Frying-pan Fuel
Fugitive Fuller Fuller's field
Fuller's soap Fulness Funeral
Furlong Furnace Furrow
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