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Weapons and Warfare


Ancient Weapons and Warfare - Bayonets

German Bayonet With Socketed Collar German Bayonet With Socketed Collar
German bayonet with socketed collar, from the 16th century. In the Culmann collection, Hanover.
Bayonet Poniard With Handle And Sword Breaker Bayonet Poniard With Handle And Sword Breaker
Bayonet poniard with handle and sword-breaker, from end of the 16th century. About 15 inches in length. In the Soter Collection at Augsburg.
Wooden Handled Triangular Bladed Bayonet Poniard Wooden Handled Triangular Bladed Bayonet Poniard
Wooden handles, triangular-bladed bayonet poniard. 14 inches in length from 17th century. In the Soter Collection at Augsburg and in Swiss Arsenal.
English Langue De Boeuf Plug Bayonet English Langue De Boeuf Plug Bayonet
English langue de boeuf plug bayonet, from end of the 17th century. In the Tower of London.
Spanish Wooden Handled Knife Bayonet Spanish Wooden Handled Knife Bayonet
Spanish wooden handled knife bayonet, from the 17th century. It bears the inscription - No me saches sin rason, Ne me embainez sin honor (Unsheath me not without reason, nor sheath me without honor). In the Meyrick Collection.
French Spring Handled Bayonet French Spring Handled Bayonet
French spring handled bayonet of the 17th century.
Swiss Handled Bayonet Swiss Handled Bayonet
Swiss handled bayonet of the 17th century.
French Socketed Bayonet French Socketed Bayonet
French socketed bayonet, used in 1717.
French Grooved Bayonet French Grooved Bayonet
French grooved bayonet, used in 1768.
Bohemian Socketed Scythed Bayonets Bohemian Socketed Scythed Bayonets
Bohemian socketed scythed bayonets, from beginning of the 18th century. In Prince Lobkowitz Collection at Raudnitz.