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Matthew 4:24 And the news about Him went out into all Syria; and they brought to Him all who were ill, taken with various diseases and pains, demoniacs, epileptics, paralytics; and He healed them.

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      24. And his fame went throughout all Syria--reaching first to the part of it adjacent to Galilee, called Syro-Phœnicia (Mr 7:26), and thence extending far and wide.
      and they brought unto him all sick people--all that were ailing or unwell. Those
      that were taken--for this is a distinct class, not an explanation of the "unwell" class, as our translators understood it.
      with divers diseases and torments--that is, acute disorders.
      and those which were possessed with devils--that were demonized or possessed with demons.
      and those which were lunatic--moon-struck.
      and those that had the palsy--paralytics, a word not naturalized when our version was made.
      and he healed them--These healings were at once His credentials and illustrations of "the glad tidings" which He proclaimed. After reading this account of our Lord's first preaching tour, can we wonder at what follows?


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Where in Scripture does it mention That Jesus preached throughout Galilee?

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Brief Summary: Jesus fasts for 40 days and is tempted by the devil, Jesus begins His public ministry, Jesus calls His first disciples, Jesus heals the sick.

1 The temptation of Jesus
13 Jesus dwells in Capernaum
17 Jesus begins to preach
18 Jesus calls Peter and Andrew, James and John
23 Jesus heals the sick

Drawing of the Temptation of Jesus Christ by Dore
Drawing of the Temptation of Jesus Christ by Dore

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