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Leviticus 1:16 'He shall also take away its crop with its feathers, and cast it beside the altar eastward, to the place of the ashes.

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Where in Scripture does it mention The Turtle dove as a burnt offering?

Where in Scripture does it mention The duties of the priest in sacrificial offerings?

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Brief Summary: This book begins with the laws concerning sacrifices, of which the most ancient were the burnt-offerings, about which God gives Moses instructions in this chapter. Orders are here given how that sort of sacrifice must be managed. I. If it was a bullock out of the herd (v. 3-9). II. If it was a sheep or goat, a lamb or kid, out of the flock (v. 10-13). III. If it was a turtle-dove or a young pigeon (v. 14-17). And whether the offering was more or less valuable in itself, if it was offered with an upright heart, according to these laws, it was accepted of God.


Photo of the Sinai Wilderness
Photo of the Sinai Wilderness


The Tabernacle of Moses

The Tabernacle in the Wilderness

The ancient Tabernacle of Moses illustration with the curtain fence, the bronze laver, the bronze altar, the holy place, and the badger skin covering. (Click to Enlarge)

Wiriting Instruments
Painted sketch of ancient writing instruments

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Map of the Route of the Exodus
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The Exodus of the Hebrews

Mount Horeb

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Map of the Red Sea
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Moses and the Exodus
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