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        the representative in the Authorized Version of several Hebrew words. Sas, which occurs in Isa 51:18 probably denotes some particular species of moth, whose larva is injurious to wool. Rimmah, Ex 16:20 points evidently to various kinds of maggots and the larvae of insects which feed on putrefying animal matter, rather than to earthworms. Toleah is applied in De 28:39 to some kinds of larvae destructive to the vines. In Job 19:26; 21:26; 24:20 there is an allusion to worms (insect larvae) feeding on the dead bodies of the buried. There is the same allusion in Isa 66:24 which words are applied by our Lord, Mr 9:44,46,48 metaphorically to the torments of the guilty in the world of departed spirits. The valley of Hinnom near Jerusalem, where the filth of the city was cast, was alive with worms. The death of Herod Agrippa I, was caused by worms. Ac 12:23

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Smith, William, Dr "Meaning and Definition for 'Worm' in Smiths Bible Dictionary". - Smith's; 1901.

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