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Cabbon Cabul Caesar
Caesarea Cage Caiaphas, joseph
Cain (1) Cain (2) Cainan
Calah Calamus Calcol
Caldron Caleb Caleb ephratah
Calf worship Calneh Calvary
Camel Camphire Cana
Canaan Candace Candle
Candlestick Cankerworm Canon of scripture
Canon of the new testament Canon of the old testament Canticles; the song of solomon
Capernaum Caphar Caphtor
Cappadocia Captain Captivity
Carbuncle Carchemish Careen
Carmel Carmi Carpus
Carriages Carshena Carts
Casiphia Casluhim Cassia
Caster and pollux Caterpillar Cauls
Caves Cedar Cedron
Ceilings Cenchrea Censer
Census Centurion Chaff
Chain Chalcedony Chaldaea
Chamberlain Chambers of imagery Chameleon
Chamois Changers of money Chapiter
Charashim, valley of Charger Chariot
Charity Chebar Chedorlaomer
Cheese Chelal Chelub
Chelubai Chemarim Chemosh
Chenaanah Chenani Chenaniah
Chephar-haammonai Chephirah Cheran
Cherethims Cherith Cherub (1)
Cherub (2) Chesalon Chesed
Chesil Chest Chestnut tree
Chesulloth Chezib Chidon
Children Chileab Chilion
Chilmad Chimham Chinnereth, sea of
Chios Chislon Chisloth tabor
Chittim Chiun Chloe
Chorashan Chorazin Chozeba
Christian Christianity Chronicles, the books of
Chronology Chrysolite Chrysoprasus
Chub Chun Church
Chushan rishathaim Chuza Ciccar
Cilicia Cinnamon Cinneroth, all
Circumcision Cistern Cities of refuge
Citizenship City Civilization
Clauda Claudia Claudius
Clay Clement Cleopas
Cloud Cloud, pillar of Cnidus
Coal Cock Cockatrice
Cockle Colhozeh Collar
College Colony Colossae
Colosse Colossians, the epistle to the Commerce
Compel Conaniah Concubine
Conduit Coney Confession
Confirmation Congregation Cononiah
Copper Coral Corban
Cord Coriander Corinth
Corinthians, the epistles to the Cormorant Corn
Cornelius Corner Cornerstone
Cornet Cos Cosam
Cotton Council Covenant
Covenant of salt, a Coz Cozbi
Cracknels Crane Creation
Crescens Crete Crispus
Cross Crown Cruse
Crystal Cuckoo Cucumber
Cummin Cup Cupbearer
Curtains Cush (1) Cush (2)
Cushi Cuthah Cuttings
Cymbals Cypress Cyprus
Cyrene Cyrenius Cyrus
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