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2100 - 2000 BC

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2200 The Hsia Dynasty was founded in China, with domesticated horses, and cultivation of rice and millet, it was the first recorded dynasty

2100 The last dynasty of Sumer is founded by Ur-Nammu

2100 Ur is an empire and Ur-Nammu writes a rule of law (perhaps the first)

2100 Egypt moves south to establish the Middle Kingdom (7th Dynasty)

2100 Aryans invade Indus Valley

2056 The birth of Haran, son of Terah and brother of Abram (Genesis 11:26)

2040-1991 Eleventh Dynasty Egypt. The kings were: Mentuhptep II, III, IV

2030 Elamites disrupt the unity of Sumer and Akkad

2000 Bronze Age begins in Europe 

2000 The Jomon culture increases in Japan

2000 Beginning of settled agriculture in the Niger River Valley

2000 Ur destroyed by Elamites, ending the Sumerian control of Mesopotamia.

2000 Native North-Americans settle in permanent villages, they domesticated dogs, and cultivated manioc, squash, maize, and beans.


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Ancient History Timeline

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