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200 - 100 BC

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200 Second Macedonian War between Greeks and Philip V of Macedon

200 Rome attacks Macedonia

200 Philip is forced to surrender Greece

200 Germanic groups expanding

200 Last Etruscan cities fall to Roman expansion

198 Judea part of Seleucid empire under Antiochus III and IV

197 Rome defeats Macedoniana army under Philip V at Cynoscephalae

190 Lydia absorbed into the Pergamum kingdom

190 Syrian war, defeat of Syrian king Antiochus III by Romans

190 Birth of Hipparchus (Greek astronomer)

185 The last of the Mauryans overthrown, the Sungas rule Magadha

183 Hannibal commits suicide to avoid being captured by the Romans

180 Ptolemy VI Philometor rules in Egypt

179 Perseus (son of Philip V) continues the war with Rome

175 Phraates I begins to expand Parthian rule

175 Antiochus IV Epiphanes becomes king of the Seleucid Empire

171 Third Macedonian War, Macedonians under Perseus attack Rome once again

171 Mithridates I founds the Parthian Empire

170 First recorded paved streets appear in Rome

170 Antiochus IV invades Egypt

168 In the battle of Pydna the Romans defeat the Macedonians and capture Perseus

168 Macedonia forced to pay tribute to Rome

168 Macedonian Wars end, Rome begins to expand east

167 Antiochus IV persecutes the Jews

164 Judas Maccabaeus defeats the Syrians and frees Jerusalem (hannakah)

160 Judas Maccabeus is killed in battle against Syrians. His brother Jonathan leads the Jews

159 First water clock in Rome

157 Judaea becomes independant

156 Dalmatia is Romanized

155 Early writings are compiled, including important Taoist manuscripts

155 The reign of Menander begins, greatest Indo-Greek king

150 Macedonian revolt led by Andriscus defeats a Roman legion

149 Third Punic War by Romans against Carthage under Scipio the Younger

149 Fourth Macedonian war, Macedon is conquered and becomes a Roman province

148 Rome puts down a Macedonian revolt

147 Greece falls under Roman control

148 Macedonia and Greece are annexed by Rome

146 The Third Punic War ends, Final defeat and destruction of Carthage

146 Rome gains control of Carthaginian territory.

146 Carthage inhabitants sold into slavery and the capital city is burned.

146 Province of Africa created

146 Rome gains Spain, Asia Minor, Greece,  n. Africa and Egypt from Carthage



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