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2000 - 1900 BC

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2000 Bronze Age begins in Europe 

2000 The Jomon culture increases in Japan

2000 Beginning of settled agriculture in the Niger River Valley

2000 Ur destroyed by Elamites, ending the Sumerian control of Mesopotamia.

2000 Native North-Americans settle in permanent villages, they domesticated dogs, and cultivated manioc, squash, maize, and beans.
1998 The death of Noah at 950 years old
(Genesis 9:29)

1996 The Birth of Abram in Ur of the Chaldees (Genesis 11:26)

1986 Sarai the wife of Abram is born

1950 Sesostris I of Egypt invades Canaan

1950 Ur Empire ends

1950 Mycenaeans settle in Greece, a thriving civilization, trading with Crete.

1936 Abram is called by God at 60 years old (Genesis 11:31)

1925 Hittites conquer Babylon

1925 Chedorlaomer conquers the 5 kings of Sodom, Gemorrah, Adarna, Seboim, and Zoar (Genesis 14)

1921 Abram is called by God again and journeys to Canaan (Genesis 12:1-6)

1921 Abram stops in Haran and Terah dies there (Genesis 11:32)

1921 God Calls Abraham again and he leaves Haran to go to Canaan (Genesis 12)

1921 Abram enters Canaan with his family and dwells in Shechem (Genesis 12)

1919 Abram seeks refuge in Egypt because of a severe famine in Canaan (Genesis 12)

1917 Abram and Sarai return from Egypt (Genesis 13:1)

1912 Elamite invasion and Chedorlaomer captures Lot (Genesis 14)

1912 Abram defeats Elam and rescues Lot (Genesis 14)

1912 Abram returns and meets Melchizedek, king of Salem (Genesis 14)

1910 Ishmael is born to Abram (86 years old) by Sarah's handmade Hagar (Genesis 16:15)


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