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1760 The Shang Dynasty is founded in China

1773 Ishmael dies at 137 years old (Genesis 25:17)

1760 Isaac Blesses Jacob instead of Esau (Genesis 27)

1760 Jacob flees from his brother Esau (Genesis 28:2)

1760 Jacob has a vision of a ladder reaching to heaven (Genesis 28)

1760 Jacob journeys to Paddan Aram to the house of his uncle Laban (Genesis 29)

1759 Jacob marries Laban's daughters Rachel and Leah (Genesis 29)

1759 Esau establishes himself at Mount Seir (Genesis 36:6-8)

1747 Joseph is born by Jacob and Rachel, Jacob is 90 years old (Genesis 30:23, 24)

1739 Jacob returns to the land of Canaan with his family and great wealth (Genesis 31, 32)

1739 Jacob wrestles with the LORD at Peniel and his name is changed to Israel (Genesis 32)

1739 Esau meets up with Jacob at Mt Gilead and forgives him (Genesis 33)

1739 Jacob arrives in Shechem (Genesis 33)

1734 Rachel Dies giving birth to Benjamin (Genesis 35:16)

1731 Simeon and Levi slaughter the Shechemites for defiling their sister Dinah (Genesis 34)

1728 Joseph is betrayed by his brothers and sold as a slave (Genesis 37)

1728 Hammurabi of Sumer of Babylon

1728 Joseph is sold as a slave to Potiphar, a commander in Egypt (Genesis 39)

1716 Joseph is made governor of all of the land of Egypt (Genesis 43, 44)

1716 Joseph accurately interprets pharaohs dreams (Genesis 41)

1716 Isaac dies at 180 years old (Genesis 35)

1706 Joseph's Hebrew family comes and settles in the land of Egypt (Genesis 46)

1706 Jacob comes to Egypt at 130 years old (Genesis 46)

1702 Joseph's plan is accomplished and Egypt is made prosperous through the famine


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