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1400 - 1300 BC

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1400 Minoan (Crete) capital Knossos is destroyed by fire

1400 Temples at Luxor under construction

1400 Iron Age develops in western Asia and India

1377 Amenhotep IV ascends to the throne in Egypt

1377 Amenhotep IV introduces sun worship and does away with old gods

1377 Amenhotep IV names himself Akhnaton after Aton the Sun-god

1375 Suppiluliumas becomes a powerful Hittite king in Asia Minor

1366 Assuruballit I becomes king of Assyria and they rise to power

1361 Tutankhaman (boy-king) succeeds Akhnaton

1361 The worship of the old Egyptian gods is restored

1325 The Israelites turn to idolatry (Judges 3:12)

1325 God delivers Israel into the hands of the Moabites, Ammonites, and Amalekites (Judges 3:12)

1325 The Israelites cry out to God (Judges 3:15)

1325 Ehud becomes judge and kills Eglon, king of Moab (Judges 3:15)

1318 Rameses I founds the 19th dynasty in Egypt

1313 Seti (Son of Rameses) makes conquests in Palestine and Syria

1304 Rameses II (The Great) becomes pharaoh of Egypt

1300 Abu Simbel (great rock temples) construction begins

1300 Sidon gains fame as a great Phoenician port



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Ancient History Timeline

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