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1000 - 900 BC

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1000 Phoenicia founded

1000 Phoenician alphabet developed

1000 Hebrew alephbet developed

1000 Aramaeans overrun much of Assyria

1000 Kingdoms of Media and Parsa (Persia) founded by migrating Aryans

1000 Lydians from Asia Minor settle in Italy

1000 Ionians settle on the west coast of Asia Minor

1000 Iron in use in Greece

1000 Mayans settle in the Yucatan Peninsula

1000 Colonization of Samoa in the South Pacific

 992 Solomon finishes building his palace (1 Kings 7) 

 992 The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon (1 Kings 10) 

 992 Solomon's fame reaches the whole world (1 Kings 10:24) 

 978 Shishak (Shesonq) becomes Pharaoh of Egypt

 978 Jeroboam I flees from Solomon to Egypt (1 Kings 11:40) 

 975 Solomon Dies (reigned 40 years) (1 Kings 11:42) 

 975 Israel is divided into two kingdoms (1 Kings 10) 

 975 10 tribes follow Jeroboam calling it Israel (1 Kings 10) 

 975 2 tribes follow Rehoboam calling it Judah (1 Kings 10) 


975 Nathan is a prophet in Israel till 960

969 King Hiram I rules Tyre till 936

960 Solomon becomes king of Israel till 922

960 Solomon begins work on Yahweh?s Temple

934 Assyria begins to reclaim lands lost to the Aramaean invasion

925 Shesonq sacks Jerusalem

922 Solomon dies

922 Israel divides into two kingdoms: Judah and Israel

922 Rehoboam becomes king of Judah till 915

922 Jeroboam I becomes king of Israel till 901

915 Abijah becomes king of Judah till 913

913 Asa becomes king of Judah till 873

901 Nadab becomes king of Israel till 900



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Ancient History Timeline

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