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telones NT:5057 primarily denoted "a farmer of the tax" (from telos, "toll, custom, tax"), then, as in the NT, a subsequent subordinate of such, who collected taxes in some district, "a tax gatherer"; such were naturally hated intensely by the people; they are classed with "sinners," Matt 9:10,11; 11:9; Mark 2:15,16; Luke 5:30; 7:34; 15:1; with harlots, Matt 21:31,32; with "the Gentile," Matt 18:17; some mss. have it in Matt 5:47, the best have ethnikoi, "Gentiles." See also Matt 5:46; 10:3; Luke 3:12; 5:27,29; 7:29; 18:10,11,13.

Note: For architelones, "a chief publican," see CHIEF, B, No. 4.

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