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Exodus 26:37 "And you shall make five pillars of acacia for the screen, and overlay them with gold, their hooks [also being of] gold; and you shall cast five sockets of bronze for them.

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Where in scripture does it mention the curtains of the Tabernacle of Moses?

Where in scripture does it mention the holy place in the Tabernacle of Moses?

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Brief Summary: Moses here receives instructions, I. Concerning the inner curtains of the tent or tabernacle, and the coupling of those curtains (v. 1-6). II. Concerning the outer curtains which were of goats' hair, to strengthen the former (v. 7-13). III. Concerning the case or cover which was to secure it from the weather (v. 14). IV. Concerning the boards which were to be reared up to support the curtains, with their bars and sockets (v. 15-30). V. The partition between the holy place and the most holy (v. 31-35). VI. The veil for the door (v. 36, v. 37). These particulars, thus largely recorded, seem of little use to us now; yet, having been of great use to Moses and Israel, and God having thought fit to preserve down to us the remembrance of them, we ought not to overlook them. Even the antiquity renders this account venerable.

The curtains of the tabernacle. (1-6)
The curtains of goats' hair. (7-14)
The boards, sockets, and bars. (15-30)
The veil of the holy of holies, and for the entrance. (31-37)

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Photo of the Sinai Wilderness

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