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        (a precipice), an ancient city of Canaan, whose king, Hiram or Elam, coming to the assistance of Lachish, was killed with all his people by Joshua. Jos 10:33; 12:12 It formed one of the landmarks on the north boundary of Ephraim, between the lower Beth-horon and the Mediterranean, Jos 16:3 the western limit of the tribe 1Ch 7:28 It was allotted with its suburbs to the Kohathite Levites, Jos 21:21; 1Ch 6:67 but the original inhabitants were not dispossessed, Jud 1:29 and even down to the reign of Solomon the Canaanites were still dwelling there, and paying tribute to Israel 1Ki 9:16 It was burned by Pharaoh in Solomon's time, 1Ki 9:15-17 and given to Solomon's Egyptian wife, and rebuilt by him.

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