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        The Hebrew words so rendered in the Authorized Version are derivatives from the root natsab, to "place, erect," which may be applied to a variety of objects.
        1. Mattsab and mattsabah undoubtedly mean a "garrison" or fortified post. 1Sa 13:23; 14:14, 12, 15; 2Sa 23:14
        2. Netsib is also used for a "garrison" in 1Ch 11:16 but elsewhere for a "column" erected in an enemy's country as a token of conquest. 1Sa 13:3
        3. The same word elsewhere means "officers" placed over a vanquished people. 2Sa 8:6,14; 1Ch 18:13; 2Ch 17:2
        4. Mattsebah in Eze 26:11 means a "pillar."

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