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        (a troop).
        1. Jacob's seventh son, the first-born of Zilpah, Leah's maid, and whole-brother to Asher. Ge 30;11-13; 46:16,18 (B.C. 1753-1740.)
        2. "The seer," or "the king's seer," i.e. David's 1Ch 29:29; 2Ch 29:25 was a "prophet" who appears to have joined David when in the old. 1Sa 22:5 (B.C. 1061.) He reappears in connection with the punishment inflicted for the numbering of the people. 2Sa 24:11-19; 1Ch 21:9-19 He wrote a book of the Acts of David, 1Ch 29:29 and also assisted in the arrangements for the musical service of the "house of God." 2Ch 29:25

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Smith, William, Dr "Meaning and Definition for 'gad' in Smiths Bible Dictionary". - Smith's; 1901.

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