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What is Zophim?
        (watchers). The field of Zophim was the place on the "top of Pisgah" to which Balak brought Balaam that the false prophet might see the camp of Israel. Num 23:14. Grove says that if the word rendered "field" be taken in its usual sense, then the "field of Zophim" was a cultivated spot high up on the top of Pisgah. The position of the field must of course depend upon the site assigned for Pisgah. If Jebel Siaghah be Pisgah, as supposed by Paine (but not confirmed), then Zophim, or "the top of Pisgah," was the third summit of Siaghah, running westward from Nebo, which is a little higher than the others and appears to look down upon them. See Pisgah.

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