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What is Zoan?
        (low region? or place of departure?), a city of Lower Egypt: called by the Greeks Tanis; now San. Zoan was situated in Lower Egypt, on the east bank of the ancient Tanitic branch of the Nile. It stood in lat. 31? N. and long. 31? 55' E. To the east was a great plain, representing "the field of Zoan." History. - Zoan was an exceedingly ancient city, built seven years after Hebron. Num 13:22. Manetho gave an account of a city called "Avaris," fortified by the Shepherd-kings and garrisoned by 240,000 men. Avaris and Zoan are supposed to have been identical. Tradition makes it the town in which Moses had his memorable interviews with Pharaoh, recorded in the book of Exodus. The "field of Zoan" was the place of God's wonders. Ps 78:12, Acts 2:43. "When Isaiah wrote, it would appear to have been one of the chief cities in Egypt, as he speaks of "the princes of Zoan." Isa 19:11, 2 Kgs 11:13; Gen 30:4. Ezekiel foretells the fate of the city in the words: "I will set fire in Zoan." Eze 30:14. There are no other Scripture references to Zoan. Present Condition. - Zoan has been satisfactorily identified with the ancient Avaris and Tanis and the modern San. Very interesting discoveries have been made there within a few years past by Brugsch Bey and others. Among the inscriptions has been found one with the expression Sechet Tanet, which exactly corresponds to the "field of Zoan." Ps 78:43. Several colossal statues of kings of the various dynasties and a number of sphinxes have been brought to light by excavations. The mounds which mark the site of the town are remarkable for their height and extent, and cover an area a mile in length by three-fourths of a mile in width. The sacred enclosure of the great temple was 1500 feet long and 1250 feet wide. This temple was adorned by Barneses II. There are some dozen obelisks of great size, all fallen and broken, with numerous statues. " The whole constitutes," says Macgregor, "one of the grandest and oldest ruins in the world." The "field of Zoan" was a rich plain extending some 30 miles to the east. It is now almost covered by the great Lake Menzeleh, but some portions exhibit a rich black loam without fences or towns, and with only a few trees in sight. Brugsch-Bey is of the opinion that Zoan was identical with Rameses, but this location was made to fit his theory that the Israelites crossed the Serbonian bog instead of the Red Sea. An English Exploration Society is engaged in making explorations in San. It promises rich historical results in this ancient land.

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