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Who is Zichri?
        (remembered, renowned). 1. A Levite. Ex 6:21. 2, 3, 4. Three Benjamite chiefs. 1 Chr 8:19, 1 Chr 8:23, 1 Chr 8:27. 1. A Levite, 1 Chr 9:15; called Zabdi in Neh 11:17. 2. A Levite who descended from Moses. 1 Chr 26:25. 3. A Reubenite. 1 Chr 27:16. 4. The father of one of Jehoshaphat's captains. 2 Chr 17:16. 5. One instrumental in making Joash king. 2 Chr 23:1. 6. An Ephraimite who distinguished himself in the war between Pekah and Ahaz. 2 Chr 28:7. 7. A Benjamite. Neh 11:9. 8. A priest during the reign of Joiakim. Neh 12:17.

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