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Who is Zephaniah?
        (Jehovah hides). 1. The ninth of the minor prophets, was the son of Cushi, and lived in the days of Josiah. His prophecy was uttered in the early part of the ministry of Jeremiah, between b.c. 020 and 609. It is mainly designed to excite the Jewish nation to repentance, in view of threatened judgments, and to comfort the people of God with promises of the final triumph of righteousness. The description of the judgment in Zeph 1:14-15, "The great day of Jehovah is near" (in the Latin version Dies irae, dies illa), has furnished the keynote to the sublimest hymn of the Middle Ages, the Dies Irae of Thomas a Celano (1250) - so often translated, but never equalled - which brings before us, with most thrilling effect, the final judgment as an awful impending reality. 2. A priest in the reign of Zedekiah. 2 Kgs 25:18-21; Jer 21:1; Jer 29:25-29; Job 37:3; Jer 52:24-27. 3. A Kohathite Levite. 1 Chr 6:36. 4. The father of Josiah. Zech 6:10.

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