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What is a Vale?
        , VAL'LEY. Five Hebrew words are translated "vale" or "valley." 1. Emek, signifying a "deep" valley, and implying a long, broad sweep between parallel ranges of hills, as the valley of Achor, Aijalon, Elah, Jezreel, Succoth, etc. 2. Gai or ge, signifying a "bursting" or a "flowing together." and used to designate narrow ravines or glens, as of Hinnom or Salt. This name is given to the secluded spot where Moses was buried. Deut 34:6. 3. Nachal, meaning a "wady-bed," filled with water in winter, but dry in summer; and hence it is sometimes rendered "brook," "stream," "river," etc. Such beds or valleys were Chereth, Eshcol, Sorek, Zered, etc. 4. Bik'ah, properly a "cleft," but applied to a broader space than a cleft or valley, and meaning sometimes a "plain," as that between Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon and Megiddo. Josh 11:17; Josh 13:17; Zech 12:11. 5. Ha-shephelah, wrongly rendered "valley," meant a broad tract of low hills between the mountains of Judah and the coast-plain. Deut 1:7; Josh 10:40.

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