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What is the Temple of Zerubbabel?
        In b.c. 536, Cyrus the Persian, conqueror of Babylon, gave permission to the Jews to return. Many availed themselves of the opportunity, and returned in a great caravan under Zerubbabel. The latter, as Jewish governor, and Joshua, the high priest, superintended the people in rebuilding the temple. Cyrus permitted and encouraged them to do this work, and in the second year after their return They laid the foundation. Ezr 3:8. Owing to the opposition of their enemies, it was not, however, completed until twenty years had gone by, b.c. 515. The story of this long struggle and trouble is told in the book of Ezra.

         This second temple, though inferior in many respects to the first - having no ark, no mercy-seat, no visible revelation of the divine glory, no sacred fire, no Urim and Thummim, and no spirit of prophecy, Ezr 3:12-13 - still was in breadth and height, in almost every dimension, one-third larger than Solomon's. In three particulars the general arrangements differed from those of the ancient sanctuary:

         (1) There were no trees in the courts;

         (2) At the north-western corner was a fortress-tower, the residence of the Persian, afterward of the Roman, governor;

         (3) The court of the worshippers was divided into two compartments, of which the outer enclosure was known as the court of the Gentiles or heathens. It furnished a fixed place of worship for the nation, and ultimately became the theatre of far more glorious illustrations of the divine attributes than the first temple ever witnessed. Hag 2:6-9; Mal 3:1; Col 2:9; 1 Tim 3:16.

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