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What is Roboam?
        , the Greek form of "Rehoboam." Matt 1:7. ROD means a shoot or branch of a tree, and in this sense it is applied figuratively to Christ, Isa 11:1, and to the tribes of Israel as springing from one root. Ps 74:2; Jer 10:16. Meaning also a staff, it is used as a symbolical expression for that which supports and strengthens, Ps 23:4; Isa 3:1; Eze 29:6; for power and authority, Ps 2:9; Ps 110:2; Ps 125:3; Jer 48:17; Eze 19:14; 1 Cor 4:21; Rev 2:27; and for the afflictions with which God disciplines his people. Job 9:34; comp. Heb 12:6-7. The phrase "passing under the rod," Eze 20:37, originated from the manner in which the Jews used to select the tenth of their sheep. Lev 27:32. The lambs were separated from the dams, and enclosed in a sheepcote with only one narrow way out; the dams were at the entrance. On opening the gate the lambs hastened to join their dams, and a man placed at the entrance touched every tenth lamb with a rod dipped in ochre, and so marked it with his rod, saying, "Let this be holy in the name of the tenth." ROD'ANIM occurs in some copies, 1 Chr 1:7, instead of "Dodanim."

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