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What is Oil?
        , amongst the Hebrews, was made from olive - berries and from spices. Ex 25:6. It was used - 1. In the preparation of food, much as butter and lard are used to-day. 1 Kgs 17:12-15; Ex 29:2; Lev 2:4, etc. 2. As a cosmetic for anointing the body, the beard, and the head. 2 Sam 14:2; Ps 23:5; Luke 7:46, etc. 3. For illuminating purposes in lamps. Ex 25:6; Ex 27:20; Matt 25:3, etc. 4. In worship. The first-fruits, Num 18:12, and the tithes were dedicated to the Lord. Neh 13:5. The meat-offerings were also dipped in oil. Lev 2:10; Am 7:16, etc. 5. In the ritual of consecration of kings and high priests. 1 Sam 10:1; Lev 8:12, etc. 6. For medicinal purposes. Mark 6:13; Luke 10:34; Isa 1:6; Jas 5:14. 7. For anointing the dead. Matt 26:12; Luke 23:56. The practice in the early Church of anointing the bodies of persons whose lives were despaired of was derived from Jas 5:14. The Roman Catholic Church has placed the practice among the sacraments, denominating it "extreme unction." As an ordinary cosmetic, the use of oil is significant of joy and gladness, Ps 92:10, and the omission of it betokens sorrow. 2 Sam 14:2; Matt 6:17. See Olive.

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