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What is Nob?
        (height), a city of the priests in Benjamin, near Jerusalem. 1 Sam 22:19; Isa 10:32; Neh 11:31-32. In the time of Saul the tabernacle and the ark were probably at this place. 1 Sam 21:1, 1 Sam 21:4. The city was destroyed by Saul. 1 Sam 22:9-19. Van de Velde proposed to identify Nob with el-Inawiyeh, 1 1/2 miles northeast of Jerusalem, on the road to Anathoth, and this view is favored by Tristram, Baedeker, and Grove; but Jerusalem cannot be seen from that point, which is against this identification. Porter suggests a site about half a mile south of Tuleil el-Ful (Gibeah), where are ruins of cisterns, a tower, and large hewn stones - a site which commands a distant view of Zion. Conder, however, considers Nob and the Mizpeh of Jud 20:1; Josh 18:26; 1 Sam 7:15 as the same place, locating both at Nebi Samwil, about 4 miles from Jerusalem, where he finds traces of a court of the tabernacle. The site of Nob may be there, but that there should be any trace of the ancient tabernacle is exceedingly improbable. Moreover, Wilson questions the proposed identification of Conder, and would place its site on the hill Scopus; while another writer suggests that Nob is Almon under another name, and proposes to place it 1 mile north-east of Anathoth.

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