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What is Netophah?
        (dropping), a town, apparently in Judah, the name of which occurs only in the catalogue of those who returned with Zerubbabel from the Captivity. Ezr 2:22; Neh 7:26; ??1 Esd. 5:18??. Netophah was really an old place. Two of David's guard, 1 Chr 27:13, 1 Chr 27:15, were Netophathites. The "villages of the Netophathites" were the residence of the Levites. 1 Chr 9:16. Levites who inhabited these villages were singers. Neh 12:28. From Neh 7:26, the town seems to have been in the neighborhood of, or closely connected with, Bethlehem. Van de Velde suggests Antubeh, 2 miles north-east of Bethlehem, as the site of Netophah, The Palestine Memoirs note ruins north-east of Bethlehem that were called Metoba or Usum Toba, probably the same as Antubeh of Van de Velde, and Conder identifies them as ancient Netophah.

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