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What is Moriah?
        (chosen of Jehovah?). 1. The land where Abraham was directed to go and offer Isaac as a sacrifice. Gen 22:2. 2. A mount on which Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem. 2 Chr 3:1. It was in the eastern part of the city, overlooking the valley of the Kedron, and where was the threshing-floor of Araunah, 2 Sam 24:24; 1 Chr 21:24. It lay north-east of Zion, from which it was separated by the Tyropoeon valley. Solomon erected the temple upon the levelled summit of the rock, and then immense walls were erected from its base on the four sides, and the interval between them and the sides filled in with earth or built up with vaults, so as to form on the top a large area on a level with the temple. Most authorities agree in regarding this as the place whither Abraham went to offer Isaac, and therefore identical with No. 1, above. Samaritan tradition, however, claims that the place of Abraham's altar was on Mount Gerizim, and Stanley and Grove are inclined to accept the Samaritan claim: but the arguments in favor of this view are far from satisfactory. For a description of Moriah of Jerusalem, upon which now stands the Mohammedan mosque of Omar, see IV. Topography, under Jerusalem.

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