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What is a Millo?
        (a mound, rampart). "Millo" is used for a part of the citadel of Jerusalem, probably the rampart, or entrenchment. 2 Sam 5:9; 1 Kgs 9:15, 1 Kgs 9:24; 1 Kgs 11:27; 1 Chr 11:8. The same, or part of it, was probably the "house of Millo;" margin "Beth Millo." 2 Kgs 12:20; 2 Chr 32:5. Some think it means the "stronghold of Zion." Lewin suggests that it refers to the whole of the temple enclosure, while Conder curiously suggests that, from its root, it may mean a pool. The first seems the more probable view. Millet (Sorghum Vulgare)

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