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What is Migdol?
        (tower), the name of two places in Egypt. 1. A place near the head of the Red Sea, Ex 14:2; Num 33:7-8; probably identical with Bir Makhdal, 10 miles west of Suez. 2. A city and fortified place situated in the northern limits of Egypt toward Palestine. Jer 44:1; Eze 48:14. This name is rendered "tower" in the phrase "from the tower of Syene," Eze 29:10; Ex 30:6; but the margin correctly has "from Migdol to Syene" - i.e., Syene the most southern border of Egypt, and Migdol the most northern. The phrase is used to signify the whole of Egypt. In Egyptian the name is written Meshtol, "many hills," and in the Septuagint Magdolum.

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