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Who is Michal?
        , the second daughter of Saul, 1 Sam 14:49, and the wife of David, who paid in dowry one hundred slaughtered Philistines. She was passionately devoted to her young husband, and once saved him from the fury of her father. During David's exile she was married to another man, Phalti, 1 Sam 25:44; 2 Sam 3:15, with whom she lived for ten years. After the accession of David to the throne she was restored to him, 2 Sam 3:13-14, but an estrangement soon took place between them, and on the occasion of the greatest triumph of David's life - the bringing up of the ark to Jerusalem - it came to an open rupture between them, after which her name does not again occur. 2 Sam 6:2.

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