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Who is Michael?
        (who like God?), a name of frequent occurrence in the sacred writings. 1. Father of Sethur, the spy selected from the tribe of Asher. Num 13:13. 2. A Gadite who settled in the land of Bashan, 1 Chr 5:13, and one of his ancestors. 1 Chr 5:14. 3. A Gershonite Levite. 1 Chr 6:40. 4. A chief of the tribe of Issachar in the time of David. 1 Chr 7:3. 5. A Benjamite. 1 Chr 8:16. 6. A Manassite chief who joined David at Ziklag. 1 Chr 12:20. 7. The father of Omri. 1 Chr 27:18. 8. A son of Jehoshaphat, murdered by his brother Jehoram. 2 Chr 21:2, 2 Chr 21:4. 9. The ancestor of Zebadiah, who returned with Ezra. Ezr 8:8. 10. The prince among the angels, the archangel, Jude 9, described in Dan 10:13, 2 Chr 11:21; Dan 12:1, as standing in a special relation to the Jewish nation, and in Rev 12:7-9 as leading the hosts of the angels.

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