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What is Medeba?
        (waters of quiet), one of the most ancient cities of Moab. first mentioned with Heshbon and Dibon in the antique poem quoted in Num 21:30. It was afterward taken by the Israelites and allotted to the tribe of Reuben. Josh 13:16. The Ammonites were in possession of it during the reign of David, and there Joab gained his great victory over the combined hordes with their 32,000 chariots from Mesopotamia, Syria, Maacah, Zobah, and the whole region between the Jordan and the Euphrates. 1 Chr 19:7-15. In the time of Isaiah it had again reverted to Moab. Isa 15:2. After the return from the Captivity it was alternately in the possession of the Jews and of the Gentiles. John Maccabaeus was slain there, and his death was bloodily avenged by his brothers. The city afterward surrendered to Hyrcanus after a six months' seige. During the Christian period it was the seat of a bishopric. Ruined Columns at Medeba. (After Tristram.) Situation and Present Appearance. -- The site of Medeba is 8 miles south-southwest of Heshbon, and 14 miles east of the Dead Sea, on the top of a hill, around which the old city extended a considerable distance into the plain. On the southern side of the town lies a large pool 360 feet square. On the eastern and northern sides are other smaller pools. All three are now dry. These tanks may explain the name Medeba, "waters of quiet." The ruins of a large temple exist, of which two columns are standing. The access to the city on the east was by a paved road leading through a massive gateway. Within is a large square 280 paces long and 240 paces wide. The eastern extent of the city is over 1000 yards. Around the city, ruined villages lie thick in all directions, but most of them are very small.

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