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What is Kirjath-jearim?
        (The city of woods), one of the four cities of the Gibeonites, Josh 9:17, situated on the border of Judah and Benjamin, Josh 15:9; Josh 18:14, 2 Sam 20:15; but belonging to Judah, Josh 15:60; Jud 18:12; was also called Baalah, Josh 15:9, 1 Kgs 16:10, or Baale of Judah, 2 Sam 6:2, or Kirjath-baal. Hither the ark was brought from Beth-shemesh, 1 Sam 6:21; Zech 7:1, Lev 10:2, and here it remained until it was removed by David. 1 Chr 13:5; 2 Chr 1:4. The prophet Urijah, who was put to death by Jehoiakim, Jer 26:20, was born here, and after the Captivity the people of the city returned to it in numbers. Neh 7:29. PerhapsKuryet el Enab, but the Pal. Memoirs suggest Erma, 4 miles east of 'Ain Shems, as its site.

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