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Who are the Kingdom?
     The term "kingdom" is applied to the territory ruled by a king, Num 32:33; to the right to be a king, 2 Sam 3:10, or to have power, Esth 4:14; to a country, without reference to the form of government, 1 Kgs 10:20; to supreme power, Dan 7:14; to the priests, Ex 19:6; to the government of God the Father among men, Dan 4:17; to the rule of the saints, Dan 7:18; to Christ's rule on earth. 1 Cor 15:24, and God's universal dominion, 2 Chr 29:11; Ps 22:28; to the state of salvation, Col 1:13; to heaven. 2 Pet 1:11; to the rule of Satan. Matt 12:26.

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