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What is Kibroth-hattaavah?
        (graves of lust), one of the stations of Israel on their wandering through the wilderness; situated about 3 days' journey from Sinai and 15 miles from the Gulf of Akabah. Here it was that a wind from the Lord brought immense swarms of quails down upon the encampment while the people were clamoring for flesh-meat. They fed on them for a whole month, but then a great plague smote them and many of them died. Num 11:31-35; Num 33:16-17; Deut 9:22. Travellers have often in these regions encountered swarms of quails, flying with the wind and so low that two or three of them may be killed by one blow of a stick, and at Erweis el-Ebeirig, near Wady el-Hadherah (Hazaroth) Israelite remains have been found.

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