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What is Jebus?
        (place trodden down, threshing- floor), the ancient name of Jerusalem among the Canaanites, Jud 19:10-11; 1 Chr 11:4-5; probably derived from a descendant of Canaan, the son of Ham. Gen 10:16. The Jebusites were partially subdued by Joshua, Josh 10:23, Josh 10:40; Neh 12:10; Josh 15:63; Num 13:29; and they were permitted to remain after the conquest of Jebus by David. 2 Sam 5:6-9; 2 Sam 24:16-25; 1 Chr 11:48; Ezr 9:1-2. "Jebusi" is sometimes put for the city Jebus. Josh 18:16, Josh 18:28; Zech 9:7. Jebus was more accurately the south-west hill afterward called Mount Zion, or "city of David." Being surrounded on all sides by deep ravines, it was a place of great natural strength. See Jerusalem.

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