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What is Iddo?
     The name occurs six times in the A.V., but is the uniform rendering of three different names. 1. (timely). A prophet who is quoted as the author of an historical writing, 2 Chr 12:15; 2 Chr 13:22; also of visions against Jeroboam. 2 Chr 9:29. 2. The grandfather of the prophet Zechariah. Zech 1:1, Zech 1:7. 3. The father of Abinadab. 1 Kgs 4:14. 4. A Gershonite Levite. 1 Chr 6:21, 5. (calamity). A Nethinim chief. Ezr 8:17. 6. (favorite). A ruler of Manasseh. 1 Chr 27:21.

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