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What is Harosheth?
        (working in wood, etc.) OF THE GENTILES, so called from the mixed people who dwelt there. A place in the north of Palestine, the home of Sisera, Jud 4:2, Jud 4:13, Jud 4:16, and the place of assembling of Jabin's army. Dr. W. M. Thomson locates Harosheth in the pass between the plain of Esdraelon and Acre, at the base of Mount Carmel, where the Kishon flows through the ravine. A village and mound covering ruins, both bearing a name very similar to Harosheth, are found in this vicinity. Conder proposes with greater probability to identity it with El-Harothieh, a miserable mud hamlet about 11 miles west of Nazareth.

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