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Who is Ham?
        (hot, or multitude), the son of Noah. He is known for his irreverence to his father. Gen 9:22, and as the parent of Gush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan, Gen 10:6, who became the founders of large nations. Cush seems to have been the father of the peoples dwelling in Babylonia, southern Arabia, and Ethiopia; Nimrod was his son. Gen 10:8. Mizraim, the Hebrew word for Egypt, was the ancestor of the Egyptians. Phut was also the ancestor of an African people, as appears from the association of his name with the descendants of Cush and the Lydians, Jer 46:9; see margin. Canaan was the ancestor of the Phoenicians and other tribes inhabiting Palestine. Egypt is called "the land of Ham," Ps 78:51; Ps 105:23-27; Ps 106:22.

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