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Who is Haggai?
        (festive), a prophet whose prophetic activity fell after the Captivity, in the second year of Darius Hystaspes, or b.c. 520, Hag 1:1. Nothing is known of his life. The Prophecy of, which is prosaic in style, concerns the repair of the temple, Hag 1:1-12; Hag 2:10-20, the glory of the second temple, Hag 2:1-9, and the triumph of Zerubbabel over his enemies. Hag 2:20-23. The prophet severely rebukes the people for their neglect to build the house of the Lord, and for their selfishness in living in the luxury of ceiled (or panelled) houses, while the temple was neglected. Hag 1:4. The people obeyed the prophet, and received the promise of God's presence. Am 1:13. The second chapter contains a Messianic reference, and alludes to Christ as the "Desire of all nations," Hag 2:7, or, as others render the passage, "the desirable things of all nations." The Hebrew reads, "They shall come, the desire of all nations, and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts."

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