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What is Gold?
     Gen 2:11. This heaviest and most malleable of metals is found at the present day chiefly in California and Australia. Several places are mentioned by the sacred writers as abounding in gold; such as Ophir, Job 28:16, Parvaim, 2 Chr 3:6, Sheba, and Raamah. Eze 27:22. Until after the time of David gold was never coined, but was sold by weight as a precious article of commerce. The use of gold was very common among the Hebrews. Several parts of the temple, its furniture and utensils, were overlaid with this precious metal. Ex 36:34-38; 1 Kgs 7:48-50. And many of the vessels of the wealthy, as well as their personal ornaments and insignia of office, were of gold. Gen 41:42; 1 Kgs 10:17-22; Esth 1:6-7; Dan 5:29; Luke 15:22; Jas 2:2.

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