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What are Ear-rings?
     The ordinary Hebrew word for "ear-ring" means also "nose-ring," and the context must decide between these interpretations. There are two other words which mean more specifically an ear-ring. The one occurs Num 31:50; Eze 16:12. This word describes a circle of gold, such as is found portrayed upon the sculptures of Egypt and Persepolis; the other word, though literally translated a "charm," seems to indicate ear-rings, which were worn as amulets. They were given up to Jacob at his request, along with the "strange gods," when, at the divine command, he went to Bethel from Shechem. Gen 35:4. This fact proves their superstitious use. Such ear-rings, bearing talismanic characters and figures, are found to-day in the East. Ear-rings were made of gold, were usually, though by no means always, circular, sometimes had jewels hanging from them, and were larger and heavier than those worn with us. In Bible-times ear-rings were ornaments for both sexes. Ex 32:2. The same is true to some extent to-day. See Amulet.

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