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What is Ai?
        (heap of ruins). 1. A city of the Canaanites, Gen 13:3 ; taken by Joshua, Josh 7:2-5 ; Josh 8:1-29 ; also called Aiath, Isa 10:28, and Aija. Neh 11:31. Abraham pitched his tent between Hai and Bethel. Gen 12:8. The two cities were so far apart that Joshua could place an ambush west of Ai unseen by the men of Bethel, while he was in the valley north of Ai. The city of Ai was east of Bethel, and about 9 miles north of Jerusalem. It is named 38 times in the Bible. It is now Haiyas. 1. A city of the Ammonites not far from Heshbon. Jer 49:3.

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