The Samaritans
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The Samaritans were despised among the Jews along with the tax collectors and prostitutes. The Jewish religious authorities made certain that these would be excluded from all fellowship and even eternal life. But when Jesus appeared on the scene, He revealed Godís true heart for all mankind. He was not ashamed to violate man-made hostile traditions.

He touched lepers, even though they were considered unclean.

He talked to the Samaritan woman, which was considered illegal.

He passed through Samaria, even though everyone else went around.

He made companions of tax collectors and sinners, even though they were hated and despised.

Jesus, by the look in His eye and the tone of His voice, gave every man and woman hope. Those who had been looked down upon previously, when they heard the words of Jesus, were suddenly transformed and knew that they had been accepted by God. The attitude of Jesus toward sinners and the forgiveness that He offered was a treasure that could only be found by those who had truly realized that they were in desperate need of salvation.


The Samaritans


The Samaritans

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