Roman Military Organization

The Roman army was one of the greatest military forces that the world has ever seen. In ancient times most of the major armies won their victories by outnumbering their foes, yet the Roman's won their victories mainly because of its discipline and determination. It was not long before Rome began to enlist a full-time army and give them generous wages. The peasant-farmer would become a full-time soldier and would enlist for sometimes 20 years becoming very skilled in war.

The New Legions

The army was well organized with a strict chain of command. The army was broken down into legions of 6,000 men. Each legion was self sufficient and supplied their own workers necessory for survival during long campaigns without having to return home to Rome for supplies. Doctors, nurses, engineers, metalworkers and many more workers would travel with its legion.

(note: more about the Roman army and its legions in part 2 of this series)

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