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Mesopotamia to 2500 BC
Africa, 2500 to 1500 BC
Sargon's Empire
West Asia to 1200 BC
Israel and Judah to 734 BC
India to 500 BC
Shang Civilization, 1200 BC
China, 256 to 200 BC
The Empire of Cyrus II
The Aegean Region, to 300 BC
Alexander in the East
The Empire of Asoka
Han China, circa 100 BC
Italy and Sicily
The Aegean Region, 185 BC
The Roman Empire, A.D. 12
The Roman Empire, A.D. 150
Judaea, Galilee, Idumaea
The Sassanid Empire
The Roman Empire, A.D. 500
The Gupta Empire
China, Korea and Japan
Mesoamerica and the Mayas
Africa, to A.D. 500

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